3 Things We Need to Know About Our Guardian Angels

Guardian angels are messengers or God. Sometimes, they are sent by God to help us go through a challenging or difficult phase in our life. Angels are also our guides. Walking in a dark alley or an area surrounded by tall trees becomes easier when we pray to our guardian angels. These heavenly beings are always with us, just waiting for us to call on them when we need them. But there are a lot of things that we have yet to know about guardian angels. Here are three of the most interesting ones:

  1. The moment we are born, our guardian angels are already with us.

It is said that an angel is appointed to watch over us the minute we are born and are welcomed to the world. In fact, it was St. Thomas Aquinas who said that as soon as a human being is born, a guardian angel is already assigned to him. If this is so, then there are already guardian angels hovering over pregnant women. There may be two: one for the mother and one for the baby. The movie “Hearts & Souls”, which starred Robert Downey, is an example of this. The minute Downey’s character was born, angels were already appointed to him (although they were angels from an accident that occurred when he was born inside a taxicab).

  1. Like God, our guardian angels send us messages through our thoughts and feelings.

Our guardian angels do not take the human form. Therefore, they cannot interact or communicate with us the way humans do. Instead, they talk to us through our thoughts and feelings. Sometimes, they also use signs or images. Sometimes, out of the blue, a thought will occur to us. It can be about something that we need to decide on or something related to a current situation we are involved in. This is our guardian angel communicating with us.

  1. Yes, our guardian angels have names.

Except for Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, our guardian angels are assigned names by God. He is the only one who can give them names. Knowing the names of our guardian angels make it easier for us to talk to them should we feel that we need their guidance.

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