Hear Angels Whisper is a blog for anyone and everyone who wants to share their experiences with angels. In this case, we accept contributions from our members and visitors. Contributions can be in the form of stories, advice, tips, and even audio and visual content. Before you can contribute, though, there are several requirements that you need to consider.

Contributor Requirements

Hear Angels Whisper favors contributions that are original materials of the author. Of course, sharing the experiences of friends and family members is all right. But it will be better if you write the article or feature yourself. Just imagine that you’re telling a story to your friends online. As much as possible, we will not accept copy-pasted contributions. You can, however, quote someone.

We will prioritize contributions that exhibit accuracy, brevity, and grammar quality. Likewise, we prefer contributors who adhere to the following requirements:

  1. To reiterate what we previously stated; using copyrighted material and copy-pasting it is not acceptable here at Hear Angels Whisper. (Be honest because your angel is watching everything you do!)
  2. Contributions should be relevant to the content found on the website, as well as to the main objective of Hear Angels Whisper (to share angel stories that can help strengthen one’s spirituality). We will not accept contributions that malign or destroy individuals or groups.
  3. Please find time to review and edit your work before you submit it. You can submit a maximum of two contributions every month. Contributions should be sent every _______________ of the month.
  4. Your written contributions should be in Microsoft Word format. Send two copies of your contribution to ______(email address)_______. Please do not forget to send us a short paragraph about yourself, including the reason (or reasons) why you follow Hear Angels Whisper.