How to Strengthen Your Spirituality: Top 3 Things You Can Do

For many, spirituality is a sensitive issue. It is one of the things that they refuse to talk about publicly. They are either uncomfortable with the idea or afraid to find out the truth about their spirituality. If your spiritual life is stable, you have nothing to be afraid of. If it’s quite unstable, there are things that you can do to make it stronger. Here are three that you might want to try out.

  1. Learn to pray.

You don’t need to go to Church. You can pray anywhere. Real praying is talking to God, to your angels. Real prayers come from the heart; they are not read, recited, or memorized. The more personal your prayers, the more heartfelt they are. Be honest when you pray. And don’t hesitate to pray anywhere and anytime. There is no specific time for praying. Some people pray before taking a bath or before crossing the street.

  1. Focus on the positives in your life.

These positives are the blessings and little miracles you receive every day. You may not notice them, but they’re there and happening right under your nose. You’ll only realize they were blessings and miracles when you experience something that was a result of those things, or at the end of the day when you try to review the things that happened to you. The important thing to remember here is to focus on the positive and veer away from the negatives. Some people are fault finders and pessimistic that they focus too much on the bad side of life. As a result, they do not see the blessings that are heaped upon them. Don’t be like them. Be different. Be an optimist.

  1. Be grateful.

If you learn to thank God and acknowledge everything that’s given to you, your life will become a little better day after day. Again, you don’t have to go to Church and say a novena. Just pray and express your gratitude. The minute you wake up, whisper a message of thanks. As you go through your day, say a prayer of thanks. And before you go to sleep, include sincere words of gratitude in your prayer.

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